Monday, January 17, 2011

Warm and Fuzzy

So Hacienda is writing the next record. Almost done. Coming up next will be a record that is sounding bigger and better than ever. I'm exited about it, and thats wierd for me.
Anyway, I've been pumped about music and been using a bunch of fuzz again. Jaime fixed my Texas fuzz and it actually is sounding good. I don't know anything about these fuzzes, other than that it was the first one i ever had. The pedal thats in heavy rotation is that dark peppermint fuzz. I don't really like it live, and it never gets used live, but it sounds great on record. I'm telling you, heavy rotation. Anyway, while we were in L.A. last month, we did a gig at the Troubador. This film maker named Grant James did a bang up job on a live version of Mama's Cookin. Fun show, great tour, this is making go crazy since we dont play until March. Well, back to work. Happy MLK friends.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Year / New Gear

So me and the hacienda dudes are putting together new songs. We've been touring a bunch, so I've been playing the same gear for a long ass time. Now that I'm home I get to play on some stuff that doesnt make it on the road. In the studio down here there is this amp laying around that I was surprised to find out sounds nasty in the best way possible. Its an old Vox Super Berkley. Its wild sounding. Its a solid state amp about 50 watts and gets this broken up treble sound that is very John Fogerty like. I'm lovin it. I've been playing Voxes for a little over a year and they sound awesome. I've been using this heratige handwired ac30 live, and only this Berkley on every demo. I've never used solid state amps before, and I had a bad impression of them. I guess you should'nt knock em until you've actually tried it. Does anyone have any other Vox recomendations.

So I just did a slide part thats in the vein of Robbie Krieger's "Moonlight Drive". Listen to this