Thursday, March 8, 2012

@danteschwebel #bullshit

so if blogging was homework, theres no doubt I would be failing the course. I have been m.i.a. for quite some time, and its not out of laziness. I've just been spending my days working and relocating, spending time with fam and friends (check out your boy dancing with the niece) all whilst touring. Not easy. I'm not complaining, but its time to get back to it.

All that being said, off we go. Hacienda has been out of control busy since about August of last year when we recorded a record in Nashville. Since then we have played about 85 shows and counting and we finally have a release date to show for it as well. Not sure if I'm allowed to divuldge the realease date but I will say it is someday between June 18th and June 20th.

Its definitly the best Hacienda record yet. I'm stoked on it. We've teased it for about 7 months and its time to come out.

thanks for everyone that comes to the shows, wears the t shirts, and stops to say hey. I appeciate you all. In an effort to stay involved, I have joined the dark side. thats right the evil empire that is twitter.

Im not into all the social shit as much as you might think, but I do dig keeping people informed and hearing from others. Unfortunatly if you've tried to hit me up on hacienda's twitter or facebook, I apolagize. I did not get the message. You see that is usually done by the bros in the band, so I'm not involved in it all. Hit me up on twitter and I'll try to answer any questions. I wont spam your shit, or advertise energy drinks. No crazy bullshit ala Charlie Sheen or fucking Miley Cyrus. No contraversy. I wont tell you what I had for lunch, or what I think about kim kardashian (she sucks) or anything like that.

No politics (independant) or social issues (legalize it) or any of that stuff.
I'll just hit you up with details of cool shit that is coming up (Kasabian tour), and new music, bands (the small faces), guitars (crazy golstop gibson 355) or gear that I'm buzzing on.

Lets do this