Friday, October 28, 2011

Whatcha Gonna do When They Come For You

so everyone always tells me how I have to watch mad men, or pawn stars, or hoarders.
They'll say "Hey dude, you gotta see dog the bounty hunter". or "hey bro, I was watching storage wars yesterday, and they scored a huge treasure chest", or some shit. My response is always the same, "Its reality t.v., who gives a shit?"

Then, A&E did it. They got me. They reached right into my brain and figured out what I wanted to see, and now, I am eating my words. A&E isn't just for chicks anymore i guess, cause they have a new show called Bordertown: Laredo. Its so bad ass. I'm hooked on the adventures by these 8 or so narcotics officers. they are tuff as nails and they are out to get everyone. I'm sure some of it can be hammed up and I don't care. I'ts funny and entertaining, and shocking at the same time. It's great. It gives of the vibe that the origanal "cops" shows used to give.

Roly is my favorite, and I am getting an ortiz t shirt made asap. My Pops was worried that it gives the town a mad image. I beg to differ. I am thankfull that theyre are some individuals who are willing to make a dent and not just let the city burn. I'll tell you something, these guys should make everyone look over their shoulder.

Alright after that shameless plug, I'll get back to the music. They are lovely people at daytrotter have broadcast an old hacienda session. Check it out here. Also, There is a new clip promoting the new Hacienda album recorded in Nashville at Easy Eye Studio. As I get details, I will pass them along on here.

I'm packing all day on my way to L.A. with the Hacienda dudes. If you live somewhere that is not the Pacific Northwest, or the deep south, then we are probably going to be in your neighborhood. Come by and say hi. We will be playing early sets on these shows supporting ity and Colour. Mostly new songs I think. Happy halloween everyone.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

It Begins...again

from frank weysos on Vimeo.

so, as the video will tell you. Welcome back to the streets of Laredo. I've had a good long break and am reporting with all new details of the goings on in this traveller's life. Theres something about vacations that is exhausting. Your supposed to get rest but that never happens. All you do is get out of town, crash on couches, binge on partying and you get home wrecked. Only to have to get back to work hopeing you havn't done too much damage to your self on vacation. Next vacation, I am gonna go to bed...AND STAY THERE!!!
Since I last posted, Hacienda all about finished recording a record...I think, I played in a couple of other bands, moved to Nashville...sort of, toured in a bunch of barns, got new gear, and all just in time to go back out on the road for the next 15 or so months.

So where do I begin? How about I hip everyone to some stuff I've been listening to. Check out Natural Child from Nashville. I absolutley shit you not, when I say, "This band is FUCKING MEGA!" I don't know if I've mentioned them before. they are from Nashville, and remind me of a cross between Keith Richards and the dudes from Workaholics. I'm serious...that is exactly what they sound like.
I caught them a few times over the last couple months and they never dissapoint.

on Vimeo.

Anyway, after some recording sessions in Nashville, Hacienda did a tour for Daytrotter called "The Barnstormer Tour". If you don't know about daytrotter, get hip. they are great. A studio out in Rock Island, Illinois that has been showcasing bands and artists for years. they've big supporters of Hacienda for a long time, so when they asked us to do the tour we said "Hell to tha muthafucking YES!!"
Here are some pics of what that was all about. Just 5 or so bands touring in small farm towns, playing rock n roll in barns. It was brilliant, magnificant, magical. I don't what to tell you, if you were there, it was the shit!!
Made great friends with the other bands on tour. White rabbits, Princeton, and WILDLIFE. They were all great. Heres a clip on the last night that was dedicated to the family farm owner who had recently passed, in Maquoqueta, Iowa.

Against my better judgement, and in need of a shower, a throat losenge, the lyrics to the tune, and some sobriety, we did a dedication tune with the Canadian boys in WILDLIFE and Princeton. thanks to daytrotter and everyone for allowing us to drunkenly stumble and butcher our way through a Niel Young tune.

Hacienda is about to hit the road with City and Colour. A band from Canada that has commanded some pretty big audiences. I'll be reporting from the scene of the crime every night and will post the evidence on here. Until next time... Welcome back to the blog, looking forward to meeting new people and seeing old blog firends along the way.

Good health to us all!!!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Studio Exclusivo Part 1

So Hacienda has just finished round one of recording the new record. It was quite the challenge but I'm excited for everyone to hear it. Its rockin, its pop, its country sometimes, its soul sometimes, its Hacienda I guess. I've been in a bunch of studios by now, and let me tell you, "Nothing comes close to this one!" Its the most comfortable and fun studio I've spent time in. Special thanks to Engeineer Collin, and Studio assistant Danny. You dudes were Aces. Dan Auerbach is producing and I can't say enough about the dude. He's on top of his game in every facet.

I know you'll be able to hear it on this record.

We got one more round of recording at the end of the month and look for the record to come out in stores Early 2012. Something will most likely come out before then too. Not sure what exactly.

Check out these photos taken by Alysse Gafkjen. You'll see the proccess. Basically we listen to demos, jam for a bit, track it, and mix it. It ain't brain surgury, although you wouldn't know it by the ulcers it gives me. Heres the process. Step 1- listen to demos. Step 2- Jam. Step 3- overdubs. Step 4- tweak shit. Step 5 listen back and mix. Step 6- Tweak shit again. Step 7 drink bourbon and listen to play back. Simple enough.
Check out these Hacienda Dates coming up.

08/30/11 New Wilmington, PA Chaseland Barn

08/31/11 Akron, OH Conrad Botzum Farmstead Barn
09/01/11 Dexter, MI Lakeview Farms Barn
09/02/11 Monticello, IL Kalyx Center Barn
09/03/11 Maquoketa, IA Codfish Hallow Barn
09/14/11 Dallas, TX Southside Music Hall
09/15/11 Houston, TX House of Blues
11/03/11 Los Angeles, CA Orpheum Theatre
11/04/11 Pomona, CA The Fox Theater
11/05/11 San Francisco, CA The Fillmore
11/08/11 San Diego, CA House of Blues
11/09/11 Tempe, AZ Marquee Theatre
11/11/11 Salt Lake City, UT In The Venue
11/12/11 Denver, CO Ogden Theatre
11/14/11 Lawrence, KS The Granada
11/16/11 St. Louis, MO The Pageant
11/17/11 Nashville, TN Mercy Lounge
11/18/11 Knoxville, TN Bijou Theatre
11/19/11 Cincinnati, OH Bogart’s
11/21/11 Louisville, KY Headliners
11/23/11 Chicago, IL Vic Theatre
11/25/11 Detroit, MI The Fillmore
11/27/11 Cleveland, OH House of Blues
11/30/11 Niagra Falls, NY The Rapids Theatre
12/01/11 South Burlington, VT Higher Ground

12/02/11 Boston, MA House of Blues
12/03/11 Northampton, MA Pearl Street
12/05/11 New Haven, CT Toad’s Place
12/07/11 New York, NY Terminal 5
12/09/11 Philadelphia, PA Trocadero
12/10/11 Washington, DC 9:30 Club
12/11/11 Millvale, PA Mr. Smalls Theatre

Friday, July 15, 2011

T for Texas, T for Tennessee

so finally I am back with some major news to report. I guess I've disappeared for a few months, but in that month, I've written a bunch of tunes, visted just about every relative, seen a bunch of friends, and all but relocated to Nashville, TN. I said "but". I'm still in Texas... for the moment.

Since its been said in articles or whatnot, I figure its safe for me to talk about whats going on with Hacienda. The band is set to record its thrid record. It will be recorded in Nashville, and it begins next week. Dan Auerbach will be wearing the producer's hat once again. Its very exciting to be reuniting again for another record. This time around, I would expect a different sounding record. I would venture to guess it will be a rock 'n roll record. Go figure.

In the last couple of months there have been Hacienda gigs in hotels, solo gigs with my friends CHris and Ken in abandoned wharehouses and bar room floors, and a bunch of demoing. Here are some of the photos. Now its time to get a record done with Hacienda. Next month, I'll be able to talk about a lot more music. This is probably the most excited I've been about music and bands in ages, so I can't wait to share it with everyone.

In the meantime, the songs are written, the demos are done, and its about to get real. For all the gear junkies, I plan on updating as much as I can from the studio next week. Basicall vintage guitars, amps, pedals, and really cool shit. I'll try to keep track of all the gear. Hope everyone's summer has been aces so far.

Enjoy these photos taken by Alysse Gafkjen and John Peets.



Friday, April 22, 2011

Alysse in Haciendaland

So Alysse is a great photographer from Ohio. Thats her on the left with yours truly and El Padrino, Alejandro Escovedo. She totally killed it for Hacienda over the last few months and documented some great events, including sxsw, a stax celebration in Nashville, (thats former Stax president Al Bell on the right there) and a bunch of Hacienda shows. She rules. You gotta check out her page. Also, you can follow her blog. She works with a ton of bands and is a very versatile photographer. Good friend. Give her a shout too. Thanks Alysse.

Check out these Hacienda photos. Special appearance from Patrick Hallahan!!!

April Foolishness

So I made it home. I'm exhausted, but not because of the 28 gigs in 32 days, not because of the 4-5000 miles of driving, not because of the sleppless nights in lonely hotel rooms. No, probably from laughing my ass off. Touring with the greenhornes is side splitting for me. Craig, and Mark, and Jack, and Patrick, and sound engineer Josh make me laugh harder than almost any other band. I don't know why, the y just do. I guess its mainly dirty jokes and old road stories. After a drunken Brooklyn, New York night, where Jack and Mark and I broke down terminater 2, I knew I had new buds for life. Great band.

This tour had guitar shopping (NY), border crossings (ONT), cajun food (IN), snow (MN), cheese curds (WI), Al Sharpton sitings (D.C.), laundromat motorcycle riding (OH) and a fish omlette and Jerry Lee Lewis (Nashville)

Here are the pictures from my phone to prove it.

thanks to everyone who came out to the the shows. thanks to Amanda and Cheryl for making multiple shows and for the m&m's. Hope to see you all again very soon.

Heres some footage from a Philadelphia dance party. No joke, these kids were dancing the whole show. lots of fun, and a gig at the beachland ballroom.

Hacienda - Live in Philadelphia - 4.7.11 from Jake Krolick on Vimeo.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

South By South Best

I say it every year. "I HATE SOUTH BY SOUTHWEST!!!", but I don't know if I even believe myself. There was pretty much a smile on my face the whole week. I'm in a hotel in St. Louis and we met the Greenhornes tonight for a month. BUt first things first.
Me and the dudes played a ridiculous party in Nashville just before sxsw where, get this, we were booker t. and the mg's for the night. Its a wierd story on why this happened, but I'm glad it did.
It was a stax celebration with the Bar Kays. We did a set of mg's classics and rarities. I brought out my trusty esquire, and off we went. It was a treat. It was a thrill to meet Al Bell who ran stax for so long back in the day, and he was so complimentary on our performance. High praise from a man who was on the front lines of that great music.
By the time we got to Austin for sxsw we were riding high. Instead of debuting new matierial we opted for a sponteaneous set of songs from the first two records. Mixed in songs we don't always get to play. Still working on a new record, so the reveal is gonna still be a little slow.
Ran into all of my homies in Austin. Thats the reason sxsw is tollerable. Its so difficult for bands to do, but its like seeing your buddies at camp. Totally worth it. At least this year it was. I"ll say it again though, "I HATE SXSW!" maybe you cant tell.
Here are some pics from Sarah MAspero and Lilly Cazares-Mesquiti. They are my friends. Lilly rules cause she lets me sleep at her house and she makes gourmet breakfast. I"m talking soyrizo, thats right, soy, chorizo, "SOYRIZO!!!"

The pics are of some of my favorite bands, like Generationals, Floating Action and of course footage of a sneak daytripper performance in Austin.