Tuesday, March 22, 2011

South By South Best

I say it every year. "I HATE SOUTH BY SOUTHWEST!!!", but I don't know if I even believe myself. There was pretty much a smile on my face the whole week. I'm in a hotel in St. Louis and we met the Greenhornes tonight for a month. BUt first things first.
Me and the dudes played a ridiculous party in Nashville just before sxsw where, get this, we were booker t. and the mg's for the night. Its a wierd story on why this happened, but I'm glad it did.
It was a stax celebration with the Bar Kays. We did a set of mg's classics and rarities. I brought out my trusty esquire, and off we went. It was a treat. It was a thrill to meet Al Bell who ran stax for so long back in the day, and he was so complimentary on our performance. High praise from a man who was on the front lines of that great music.
By the time we got to Austin for sxsw we were riding high. Instead of debuting new matierial we opted for a sponteaneous set of songs from the first two records. Mixed in songs we don't always get to play. Still working on a new record, so the reveal is gonna still be a little slow.
Ran into all of my homies in Austin. Thats the reason sxsw is tollerable. Its so difficult for bands to do, but its like seeing your buddies at camp. Totally worth it. At least this year it was. I"ll say it again though, "I HATE SXSW!" maybe you cant tell.
Here are some pics from Sarah MAspero and Lilly Cazares-Mesquiti. They are my friends. Lilly rules cause she lets me sleep at her house and she makes gourmet breakfast. I"m talking soyrizo, thats right, soy, chorizo, "SOYRIZO!!!"

The pics are of some of my favorite bands, like Generationals, Floating Action and of course footage of a sneak daytripper performance in Austin.


  1. Man! I wish I made it over to the San Jose to see that performance! Ya'll put on a good show at Easy Tiger, so I really can't complain. Hope you have a blast with The Greenhornes. See ya next time you make it to Austin.

  2. Soyrizo?! Right on, never had it, but eggs and chorizo was pretty bad ass when I had it. I haven't had it since I became a vegetarian, but never thought to look into a non-meat chorizo product.

  3. Hey, fantastic show last night at Triple Rock! I go to school in Chicago but was in Minneapolis to visit relatives. Will you guys be coming back to Chicago anytime soon?
    Also, your general head and facial hair reminded me very much of Dan Auerbach's a while back. There weren't issues during your guys' tour with him as the Fast Five because of that, were there? (facial hair showdown perhaps?)

  4. thanks stephanie. We won't back to chicago until late summer most likely.

    as for the facial hair thing, there weren't any issues, although most interviewers couldn't resist talking about beard upkeep and any sort of beard related questions. Haha, it does seem to be a popular subject. truth is, im lazy and beards are great in the winter time.

  5. Late summmer... Lollapalooza? I suppose you're technically not allowed to say anyways.
    Here's a more original question not involving facial hair: Was the song about being an apathetic musician in 3/4 time? Or was I just miscounting the beats? I ask because I haven't heard many 3/4 time songs of late.

  6. Oh man, Dante, I wish I'd read this entry before I talked to you last night. I would have made you tell me all about the Stax show. How did it feel to be Steve Cropper for a night? :)

  7. Dante, I'm patiently waiting on that food blog we discussed. For real, you should do it. :) Oh, and next time you come through Indy, Yats is on me. Wait... well you know what I mean. Let me know! ;)

  8. ugh! missed you guys in Toronto. super bummed out, but i caught you guys on a cough syrup commercial!! congratulations, can't wait for the new album, and i hope to catch you guys next time around. love your music!