Friday, April 22, 2011

April Foolishness

So I made it home. I'm exhausted, but not because of the 28 gigs in 32 days, not because of the 4-5000 miles of driving, not because of the sleppless nights in lonely hotel rooms. No, probably from laughing my ass off. Touring with the greenhornes is side splitting for me. Craig, and Mark, and Jack, and Patrick, and sound engineer Josh make me laugh harder than almost any other band. I don't know why, the y just do. I guess its mainly dirty jokes and old road stories. After a drunken Brooklyn, New York night, where Jack and Mark and I broke down terminater 2, I knew I had new buds for life. Great band.

This tour had guitar shopping (NY), border crossings (ONT), cajun food (IN), snow (MN), cheese curds (WI), Al Sharpton sitings (D.C.), laundromat motorcycle riding (OH) and a fish omlette and Jerry Lee Lewis (Nashville)

Here are the pictures from my phone to prove it.

thanks to everyone who came out to the the shows. thanks to Amanda and Cheryl for making multiple shows and for the m&m's. Hope to see you all again very soon.

Heres some footage from a Philadelphia dance party. No joke, these kids were dancing the whole show. lots of fun, and a gig at the beachland ballroom.

Hacienda - Live in Philadelphia - 4.7.11 from Jake Krolick on Vimeo.

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  1. Dante - thank you for the shout out! (have to admit I geeked out a little...) I plan on accruing many many more HaciendaMiles on my little car. It's always worth it and always a pleasure to see you! Oh - and add me on Facebook for fucksakes. :) Pleeeeeeease?!