Friday, April 22, 2011

Alysse in Haciendaland

So Alysse is a great photographer from Ohio. Thats her on the left with yours truly and El Padrino, Alejandro Escovedo. She totally killed it for Hacienda over the last few months and documented some great events, including sxsw, a stax celebration in Nashville, (thats former Stax president Al Bell on the right there) and a bunch of Hacienda shows. She rules. You gotta check out her page. Also, you can follow her blog. She works with a ton of bands and is a very versatile photographer. Good friend. Give her a shout too. Thanks Alysse.

Check out these Hacienda photos. Special appearance from Patrick Hallahan!!!


  1. hey dante are you gonna record the new hacienda tunes in tennessee with dan ?