Friday, October 28, 2011

Whatcha Gonna do When They Come For You

so everyone always tells me how I have to watch mad men, or pawn stars, or hoarders.
They'll say "Hey dude, you gotta see dog the bounty hunter". or "hey bro, I was watching storage wars yesterday, and they scored a huge treasure chest", or some shit. My response is always the same, "Its reality t.v., who gives a shit?"

Then, A&E did it. They got me. They reached right into my brain and figured out what I wanted to see, and now, I am eating my words. A&E isn't just for chicks anymore i guess, cause they have a new show called Bordertown: Laredo. Its so bad ass. I'm hooked on the adventures by these 8 or so narcotics officers. they are tuff as nails and they are out to get everyone. I'm sure some of it can be hammed up and I don't care. I'ts funny and entertaining, and shocking at the same time. It's great. It gives of the vibe that the origanal "cops" shows used to give.

Roly is my favorite, and I am getting an ortiz t shirt made asap. My Pops was worried that it gives the town a mad image. I beg to differ. I am thankfull that theyre are some individuals who are willing to make a dent and not just let the city burn. I'll tell you something, these guys should make everyone look over their shoulder.

Alright after that shameless plug, I'll get back to the music. They are lovely people at daytrotter have broadcast an old hacienda session. Check it out here. Also, There is a new clip promoting the new Hacienda album recorded in Nashville at Easy Eye Studio. As I get details, I will pass them along on here.

I'm packing all day on my way to L.A. with the Hacienda dudes. If you live somewhere that is not the Pacific Northwest, or the deep south, then we are probably going to be in your neighborhood. Come by and say hi. We will be playing early sets on these shows supporting ity and Colour. Mostly new songs I think. Happy halloween everyone.

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  1. Excited for the new album! I heard Savage on iTunes. It's all fuzzy, layered, and a thick like molasses. Lovely harmonies as well...something I have come to expect from you fellas.