Tuesday, October 18, 2011

It Begins...again

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so, as the video will tell you. Welcome back to the streets of Laredo. I've had a good long break and am reporting with all new details of the goings on in this traveller's life. Theres something about vacations that is exhausting. Your supposed to get rest but that never happens. All you do is get out of town, crash on couches, binge on partying and you get home wrecked. Only to have to get back to work hopeing you havn't done too much damage to your self on vacation. Next vacation, I am gonna go to bed...AND STAY THERE!!!
Since I last posted, Hacienda all about finished recording a record...I think, I played in a couple of other bands, moved to Nashville...sort of, toured in a bunch of barns, got new gear, and all just in time to go back out on the road for the next 15 or so months.

So where do I begin? How about I hip everyone to some stuff I've been listening to. Check out Natural Child from Nashville. I absolutley shit you not, when I say, "This band is FUCKING MEGA!" I don't know if I've mentioned them before. they are from Nashville, and remind me of a cross between Keith Richards and the dudes from Workaholics. I'm serious...that is exactly what they sound like.
I caught them a few times over the last couple months and they never dissapoint.

on Vimeo.

Anyway, after some recording sessions in Nashville, Hacienda did a tour for Daytrotter called "The Barnstormer Tour". If you don't know about daytrotter, get hip. they are great. A studio out in Rock Island, Illinois that has been showcasing bands and artists for years. they've big supporters of Hacienda for a long time, so when they asked us to do the tour we said "Hell to tha muthafucking YES!!"
Here are some pics of what that was all about. Just 5 or so bands touring in small farm towns, playing rock n roll in barns. It was brilliant, magnificant, magical. I don't what to tell you, if you were there, it was the shit!!
Made great friends with the other bands on tour. White rabbits, Princeton, and WILDLIFE. They were all great. Heres a clip on the last night that was dedicated to the family farm owner who had recently passed, in Maquoqueta, Iowa.

Against my better judgement, and in need of a shower, a throat losenge, the lyrics to the tune, and some sobriety, we did a dedication tune with the Canadian boys in WILDLIFE and Princeton. thanks to daytrotter and everyone for allowing us to drunkenly stumble and butcher our way through a Niel Young tune.

Hacienda is about to hit the road with City and Colour. A band from Canada that has commanded some pretty big audiences. I'll be reporting from the scene of the crime every night and will post the evidence on here. Until next time... Welcome back to the blog, looking forward to meeting new people and seeing old blog firends along the way.

Good health to us all!!!!

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  1. Sad I missed ya'll at the Gypsy Picnic today. Happy that you are back to bloggin'. Happier that a new Hacienda album comes out this spring!