Thursday, August 19, 2010

Booze and Pickles

So me and the Hacienda dudes are on the run for another couple weeks or so then we get a break for about a week. We are once again hoofing it with BJL and the Honeybears. Everything seemed normal until the van pulled into Louisville. Thats when things get a little hazy for me. You see not only do they have the best bourbon in the world in Kentucky. They like to drink it. A lot of it. Not by the glass, but by the barrel. We played at Zanzibar a cool joint with a low stage and a loud ass P.A. Holy shit was it hot. After storming through our set, I run to the back patio to put on a dry shirt, and I have about 4 Bourbons waiting for me. What was I to do. After all I'm in Kentucky, it was Monday, and I like bourbon. Well, as I am writing this, its Thursday, I dont remember the last few days, and I could use a glass of water.

Going over some photos and video in my phone, I was reminded of a new shot. I'm sure its not new to all you raging boozers, but new to me. It was called a a pickle back. Its essentially a shot of vodka, and a shot of pickle juice to chase it. Sounds horrifying but surprisingly it was not that bad. Unless the booze that night killed my tastebuds or my ability to gag.

Thanks to the Hallahan Family for feeding us. We actually ate smoked pork butts. Its about the softest meat you can eat. AMAZINGLY GOOD! Traveled through the Midwest. Toledo, Ohio was kind of strange. Louisville rocked my balls off, and New York is up next. We'll see how the yankees get down by comparison.

Super top secret clip here. Below. This is some footage shot in June/July by Frank Weysos on the last tour. Its going to be on a new Hacienda website, but I am leaking it here for the 10 people that read this. Thanks dudes, and enjoy.

Untitled from frank leal on Vimeo.


  1. You guys rocked that show in Louisville. All around an incredible set. Great to meet you at Zanzibar's patio. I personally saw a couple ladies buying you those bourbon drinks. People don't drink much beer here.

    Great post on The Black Keys Fan Lounge. BTW That "uhhh yeah I'm a guitar player and uuhh" speach you gave TBK when you first met them was how I felt trying to talk you. My band's bass player was there as well, trying to talk to Rene without sounding like too much of a dork. It's rough meeting musicians on the scene.

    -Awesome video!

  2. I can't get that video to play all the way through dangit! Nevertheless, I love that song.

  3. Thanks for that video footage. You guys are fucking great! Anyone that thinks differently gets a fat lip! Haha. See you @ the Beat Kitchen next month. Remember, if you guys have time while in town - La Pasadita has the bomb-ass steak tacos (must try the salsa negra too), and Smoque BBQ has the ultra-tasty Texas style BBQ. Most legit BBQ I've ever witnessed, and the guys that run the joint hail from TX.

  4. SOunds like the perfect restaraunt in chicago. Looking forward to Chicago. Thats the best town to play in.

    Thanks for the kind words Bryce. I'll figure the video thing out sarah. See you in austin hopefully.

  5. I got it to play! I think it was my crappy internet connection. Yes, see you at the Mohawk!