Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Nerd Update

So for all the gear nerds. Here's an update. I was gonna keep it a secret but I've been playing this guitar for about 70 hours straight. I'm tired but I can't put this gutiar down. Especially since I am running it througha new pedal.

I picked up this Gibson es 355. I used to have one just like this. It was a 1973 and it was what I used to record the second Hacienda record. I was short on dough, and to be honest the guitar sucked live. So I sold it. It was wired stereo so it was a chore to cable it up for one amp and still use both pickups. It bothered the shit out of me so much that I sold it first chance I got.

What did you know, but I got seller's remorse. I thought about getting another one all the time. It was taking over my life. I even lost one on ebay that went for about 4 grand. Ouch!! When I found this one I had to have it. Its actually availible to play mono and stereo. Its awesome, and it sounds great. I'm still gonna be using the black Les paul, but this one's gonna see some playing time, fo sho!

I've been running it through a new pedal I recieved from a nice guy out of England. He runs a effects company called Hudson Electronics. I put in an order for a "Gospel Bomb". Its a treble booster based on a vintage rangemaster. I wasnt familiar with any of this stuff, so I figured it would be worth a shot. I was happy with the analogman fuzzes and was looking at replacing the ibanez tube screamer. This pedal might replace several pedals I have. Its a great sound. It actually sounds like my amp is rattling. Its awesome. Its not a fuzz, or an overdrive, and somehow, its better. Fuzzes can be extreme, and overdrives can sound a little fake sounding. This thing sounds like my amp is cranked to perfection. The only problem is, I want to leave it on all the time.

Check these pedals out. There are a couple of U.S. dealers, but I think they are still new.


  1. I've been hearing pretty good things about Hudson Electronics. The Stroll On and the Mr. Soul seem like pretty sweet pedals also.

    that ES355 looks pretty sweet as well! The ES355 the "short neck" ES330 are my two favorite Gibson semi/thin line hollowbodies.

  2. that gospel bomb's a keeper. you should check out the marshall bluesbreaker pedal.

  3. Dante thanks for the head's up on the Rangemaster boost. I've always wanted to build one but never really got around to it - until recently. It sounded like you were really digging your Gospel Bomb, it inspired me to order up the parts to build a Rangemaster of my own. It turned out great - so much so that I pretty much leave it switched on at all times. It makes your tone so much more lively and fresh/sparkly. Goes great after a fuzz, but my favorite is to use it on its own. I used some fancypants old school OC44 transistor and it paid off. Catch you next month in Chicago. Peace. Oh PS if you guys want some badass Texas BBQ while in town check out "Smoque BBQ" on Pulaski - insanely good, and BYOB. Saw Jeff Tweedy there one time - true story. =)

  4. Did you have/use the Gospel Bomb in Louisville? I was blown away by your sound last Monday night at the show. The ES355 seemed like it was a great fit. I tried to check out your pedalboard and memorize the gear but luckily I found this awesome blog with pics!

  5. Right on about the Rangemaster! I picked up a D*A*M Red Rooster, and it kills any overdrive pedal I've owned. Easier to control and more amp-like sound and feel. The only bugger is that the amp has to be LOUD!! for the sound to be really cool! sounds great with a vox style amp.

  6. Im sold on the rangemaster sound. Its big, but not fake sounding at all. I leave it on the whole set. I'm gonna get a back up. The dark peppermint fuzz isnt cutting the mustard right now. We'll see what happens to that.

    THe Gospel bomb was on the entire Louisville show for sure.