Saturday, June 26, 2010

Grace Potter, Blues and Lasers, and Catherine of course!

SO its been a while since the last post, but its been busy as all hell, not too mention just as hot, as Hacienda rolls throughout the east coast and mid west with new best buds Grace Potter and the Nocturnals. We just finished up a run with the heroes of Burlington Vermont, and it was one of the most fun tours ever. Lots of booze, lots of poeple, lots of miles, and best of all lots of rock n' roll. these guys are amazingly nice, and treated us as if we were in their band.

Grace has an amazing voice, a tight band, and a pro crew that keep it all together. All right, all the ass kissing aside, the tour was fun as shit! The Nocturnals are huge into whiffle ball, and we found many whiffle ball diamonds along the way. Matt Burr, drummer, has a perfect swing and a closet full of leather vests. Benny Yurco is a clutch lefty bat ala Tony Gwynn, and Scott, also on guitar, throws nothing but strikes, all making for a solid game.

This tour featured alot of speeding on the highway as hacienda was constanly late. Sorry about that. If you dig poptastic tunes by a pro band, then you'll dig Grace Potter. The band is awesome. Catherine, the bass player was a cardinal with Ryan adams and plays bass for Levon Helm. She's a total sweetheart. Grace had a birthday in Cleveland so we decorated her bus with Ben the tour manager, and the afterparties were solid all the way through. Cant stop talking about how much fun this was.

so here are some grainy videos

So this first video is a beer run at beachland ballroom in Cleveland as we cecorate Grace's bus for her birthday.

This next one is the big reveal, sorry its too dark.

So here is the pre show warm up, singing some tunes with Benny and Scott.

Ben Erickson is a bad ass tour manager and very enthusiastic. You'll see what I mean.

Heres us in Memphis for the encore with the Nocturnals

Minglewood hall in Memphis has the best wiffle ball field


  1. Love the clips! Grace has a wonderful voice and great style.

  2. Loved the show in Birmingham. You guys are amazing to watch live! Can't wait till you're back in the SE again. Also, Eric and I enjoyed hanging out with you during Grace's set. Have a good one!