Monday, June 14, 2010

New York Spoils

So Hacienda is back on the road. Show 1 was in New York city. I've been going there for years playing music, and I used to hate it. the smell of garbage, the crowds, the lines, the honking of horns, and overall apathy of the people who roam the streets.

All that being said something is changing. The last 3 trips to the city are changing my mind. I'm running into friends, and its always a different experience. You see all the clubs around the country are pretty similar, and then you get to the city and its a complete wild card. I dont know if I could live there ever. I'd run out of dough in about an hour, but I'm gonna be there every chance I get and get into as much trouble as I can.

Got to hang with Peter from Alberta and Geoff Auerbach, who is just about the funniest dude I know. As well as Robert and Lily from Laredo. I'm always in a good mood when the LRD shows up to a show. Great hang!

Oh yeah. Geoff decided to start a conversation with the phrase "Have you guys ever seen that Puff Daddy show Making the band?" Of course nobody new what he was talking about, but apparently this is P. Diddy's favorite cheescake.


  1. Hi again Dante! Really enjoying your blog. My husband and I are coming to your show Wednesday in Birmingham, AL. So excited! We would love to meet you.

  2. Awesome! We'll see you there! We'll be hanging out all night so make sure you say hi.