Monday, May 31, 2010

Heartless Bastards / Amy Cook

So Hacienda just got back from a run with Ohio natives, Heartless Bastards. The tour was great. Mainly west coast gigs, as well as some new territory for the band. Shows in Montana, Idaho, and New Mexico were all firsts for Hacienda.

If you've never seen Heartless before, you definitely should. Erika's voice is one of a kind and the band is shit-hot-tight. Jesse Ebaugh plays bass and pedal steal for the band, and guested on our set also. He played pedal steel on Apples, Hound Dog, and Baby Dont Go. The dude can do anything. No joke!

Amy Cook is from San Jose, and now lives in Austin. She was on the bill as well and killed it every night. Very good band. Her guitar player Jake Owen is a bad ass, who plays a 68' Gibson es 335 and a James Trussart les paul for slide. Its a crazy sound. He's a gear head and has everything. Cool dude. Heres Amy singing "Baby Don't Go".

I had a bunch of shit going on during this tour, so I didn't take any pictures but here are some from other people. Thanks people. On a side note, if your ever in Santa Barbara, CA. GO eat at La Super Rica, no matter how long the line is, its worth it!
Special thanks to Mishka on this one. Mishka, I'm sure you don't read this but thanks anyway. She was working for Heartless and bailed us out a couple times. Shes on the back row here next to Jaime and Mark. For Mishka, Hacienda did a version of "Dont Do It". We've never done that before. I dont imagine we'll do it again, but it was fun.

Gonna hit the beach this week. Gonna see MacGruber, and I'm working on a new guitar. Happy Memorial Day to everyone. GO AMERICA!

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