Sunday, May 23, 2010

Hoarders/The New Vegas Sensation

So theres that show on TV, hoarders. I haven't seen it, but a ton of people feel compelled to tell me about. Frankly, its sounds friggin boring. But, since I am supposed to blog about gear, at least every now and again, it did get me thinking. I have an ongoing struggle with gear. You see, I want everything just like everybody else, but I also feel stupid if I own too many guitars, pedals, amps etc...

I'm a big fan of guitarists, and I have many heroes in the guitar world, and its extra special when a player has a unique instrument that stays with them forever. Players like Pete Townshend, Keith Richards, and Tom Petty are all hoarders. No allegiance to a special guitar that gives them their own unique sound, look, and feel. You always see them with something new, and if your a fan, it kind of sucks. Niel Young, Buck Owens and even John Lennon had guitars that never left their hands, and if you ever saw them you got to see that prized instrument. Even contemporary guys are doing this. I've been following Dr. Dog since 2006 and Toby's Jazz bass always makes the show. I look forward to seeing that bass as much as any member of the band. Thats rare. I understand that a player needs some tools, but I am making a vow to not own too much stuff. I'm keeping it to under 10. A couple of guitars at home and a couple of main guitars on the road. Its already beginning. I've been playing this black Les Paul live for a year or so, and its gonna stay that way. Lets see how long that lasts. Besides, I'm better off spending money on clothes, anyway. Chicks dig that sort of stuff.

side note, Just got back from Vegas and beer pong is taking off out there. No shit, beer pong is being played up and down the strip. Me and some friends were crushing opponents all day in exchange for paying the beer tab at Planet Hollywood casino, only to find ourselves too bombed to play in the nightly tournament. Those waitresses should've told us theres a tournament a night. There was even a decent cash prize. We would've dominated. Tough shit, I guess. Maybe next time.

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  1. Yeah man, I'm also addicted to buying, selling and building gear. It comes with the territory I think.