Tuesday, May 18, 2010

SXSW mixed reviews

So the idea of all my favorite bands in one town near my home for a week seems like a home run, right? If anything I score sxsw as a solid double. A home run is a sure thing, and the only sure thing about sxsw is that I am gonna be pissed off that I am missing some great shows. You get to see shit you wouldn't normally see, correct. But, no band can be comfortable in that environment. the makeshift venues, shitty PA's, overcrowding, and annoying redbull, sony, rockstar energy drink, playstation adverts are fucking stupid. It used to be about breaking bands or announcing events, now its about gatorade, and itunes, and american apparel. Every band has to be there otherwise people think somthings wrong. There will be no changes made over the next few years. It will get bigger, and bigger and bigger, until it becomes completely irrelevant.

Alright thats my rant for the day. I did see some great artists that I now need to see again at real venues to get the experience.

Pete Molinari - If the Everly brothers grew up on London, they would be Pete Molinari. His voice is amazing and he writes great songs. This is my first time seeing him with a band, and it added alot of dimension. Really dig this guy. thats his guitar player Adam Landry. He's a producer in Nashville and guitar junkie. We talked Les Pauls for about an hour.

The Strange Boys are a great band, and we've been playing bills with those guys for several years. I think there primed to do some special stuff this year. they already have actually. this is the first time I've seen the new lineup. I really liked Matt Hammer, the original drummer. The new lineup is great though.
The Carrots, I caught at a house party, that was the best show of the week. No adverts, no bullshit. Just a band playing good tunes. New lineup for them as well. New guitar player who played a bad ass James trussart Tele. thats the thing about austin guitar players. there all good. Its sucks, cause if you get fired the guy that takes your place is probably bad ass.

I caught those darlins again. And Hacienda played a festival in some park off of downtown. Of course we blew out the PA and it was a disaster. The stage hands said we were too loud. No such thing. I play rock n roll, and I PLAY IT LOUD AS SHIT! if you want it quiet go to a jazz club and get a glass of wine. And while your at it pick up Sex and the city on dvd, your probably into that sort of thing.

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