Tuesday, May 18, 2010


So the tour continues with 2 new bands. Generationals from New Orleans and Floating Action from Asheville. Frank, a buddy of mine, hipped me to these dudes last September and i really dug "when they fight they fight". A few months later I'm checking them out and I realize their new drummer is a great friend of mine. Tess Brunet. I had no idea she was playing with them. I met Tess a few years back when I played a gig before one of her bands, Deadboy and the Elephantmen. She is one of the nicest poeple I know. So I was very excited to be playing with Generationals.

Floating Action I had seen a couple of times. Seth KAuffman is a great songwriter. It wasn't until this tour that I actually got to dive into the tunes live. Thank God I did, because his music is freakin amazing. He uses a digital tampura, which makes sitar sounds throughout the set. I need to steal that trick.

Gear wise, I started using an analogman sunface. Dan Auerbach uses these, and I was impressed that it was fuzzed out without a bunch of compression. I had been using a willis texas fuzz forever, but it was too thin. the sunface nkt275 is very bassy. Perfect for a band with only one guitar player in it.

This tour also saw us part ways with our tour manager Andy Fiegel. He had some other commitments and his last show was in Philly. He's a bad ass TM and a good cook to boot. Its a pretty important combination in a roommate on tour.

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