Monday, May 17, 2010

New year, new tour

So to start the year, I was lucky enough to tour with some great bands. Alberta Cross is one of those bands. Their record, "Broken Side of Time" is their latest, and the guys in the band couldn't be more fun to hang with. Traveled with these dudes for about a month, and managed to find some trouble in some towns, and stay out of trouble in a few. It was a great tour. Check them out when they are in your town. This is going to be a giant band very soon. Highlights from the tour included sold out shows at the Bowery in New York and Schuba's in Chicago. Its nice to tour with a band that like to have fun away from the stage as well.

The only drag was getting caught in 3 blizzards. Bands shouldn't tour Jan/Feb if they can help it. It sucks. Shows are always in jeopardy of being canceled. At least getting stuck in Philly, I got some great food. This is the clams casino at Pizza Italia just over the bridge into New Jersey.

I did also play on a new Vox ac30 for the first time ever. I had always played fender amps previous. I was using a 66 blackface tremolux forever, but I was blowing out every room we played. SOmething had to be done, so vox it is. I'm digging it. I also took out a 57 Les Paul with the 3 humbuckers. Its an amazing sounding guitar, and heavy as balls. I'm undecided on whether or not its my sound. I'm a p90 freak at the moment. My main guitar is the 54 style.
Overall, though its was a great tour, best of luck to the Alberta dudes!

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