Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Younger Days

So Hacienda has done a couple of music videos. Videos are usually kind of strange. Especially if your in them. I'd prefer to not be in them, but whatever. Frank Weysos is a director from San Antonio, who I met through the Dr. Dog dudes. He had done some work for the Park the Van Label, and everyone would say, "Your from San Antonio, do you know Frank?" Well, now I do. Frank and his entire team are some of the most creative people I've met. They're all involved in film, music, photagraphy, production, you name it.

Anyway, these dudes did the new Hacienda video for the song "Younger Days". They did an amazing Job. Special thanks to Frank, Chuck, Darren, Cosmo, Eric, and especially Tristan. Tristan is the boy in the video who absolutely killed it. Eric shot these photos. The dude is a pro.

No one in the band had any idea what the video was about. It was a great to see an amazing set. they must have spent weeks and weeks on it. Its also, the only house in San Antonio witha real basement. It was hot, but totally worth it. If we do another one of these, I only hope they go as well. Great job dudes.

Rene is using an old Greco Bass. I would think its maybe an early 70's. Abe has that Farfisa and I'm using that same black Les Paul.

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