Monday, May 17, 2010

The Title

So I'm titling this blog "The Streets of Laredo". Not only is it my hometown and one of my favorite places to be. Its a great song. The version I'm all about is the Buck Owens version from the "Live at Carnegie Hall" album. On that version Doyle Holly sings the lead in the deepest, coolest voice I've ever heard. Buck is from Texas, and he's a hero of mine. His museam at The Cyrstal Palace in Bakersfield has amazing pictues are artifacts. Its five bucks to get in, and its worth it! If you're a nerd for anything Buck like me.

Anyway, Laredo can be a strange place, for sure, but I love that town. Hacienda got to play there in December, and the show was awesome! Laredo always surprises me, and its a big part of my personality. I can't say enough how proud I am to be from there.

Someone sent this video link to me from a show I played with Dan Auerbach. Thats what its like when you're from the LRD.


  1. Well, I'll be! Laredo, Tx pulling a bigger cheer over SA and TN!

  2. hey dante which is the second chord on the verse of my last mystake, i been trying to pulled it out but doesnt sound crispy, thanks for the help, happya new year, music make us free cheers

  3. I'm pretty sure its an F to Gm