Wednesday, May 19, 2010

How to Bench your Band

So when your touring, there is an insane amount of downtime. Sound check can last forever. Clubs sometimes aren't prepared, and generally if your the band, your not needed til its time to plug in and play. I completely respect all the people who work hard to set up the show. All that being said, you got to find ways to occupy your time.

One such way is to work out. If your in a band, you've got no time to hit the gym, so make the gym come to you. On a long slow day in Paris of all places, I raised the question, "Can I bench press my band?"

take 1

so there was a flaw. you must support your back with some sort of padding. We used a cymbal bag

take 2

alright a new flaw. use a guitar case, place your band member on it and have your spotters balance it. Now you can really max out some weight.

take 3

last but not least. NEVER GIVE UP!

take 4

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  1. "You just got benched!"
    Still laughing at that.