Monday, May 24, 2010


SO hacienda played the 3rd annual Pachanga festival. I didn't know much about this festival. We've had offers to do Latin events in the past, and I have sometimes hesitated. This one seemed different. There was a different vibe on this one. A lot of different sounding artists and completely different genres. I dug it.

You see, the people in this band are Mexican-American, or Hispanic, or whatever you want to call it, who cares. However, that doesn't matter to us at all. We play rock n' roll music, period! If you want to pay us for being "Latin", thats cool. I mean hey, "I'll take your money".

Saw Brownout, who are a great band. Very Meters-like. I dig that. Adrian is the man, and a bunch of those dudes are from Laredo. these guys back up Prince on tour. I went to High school with these dudes. When I heard that I just thought "Are you kidding me?". Saw Girl in Coma, and David Garza. Amplified Heat were awesome! Great festival, not too big. Big festivals kind of suck. You cant see shit, and sound is usually very questionable. Cheers to the boutique festivals all around the world for being more fun. Beer was also reasonably priced, for a festival. Lets see how long that lasts. These photos are from Richard Gonzalez.

Oh yeah, I got an Analogman dark Peppermint Fuzz. I'm gonna try and find a sound clip for it. Its a great fuzz pedal. I think I might dig it more that the sunface. Its got more treble than the sunface. This analogman cant miss right now. Hopefully his pedals dont start going for 500 bucks, cause I'm digging em.

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  1. I agree, I am not a huge fan of outdoor music festivals but the organizers of Pachanga did it right. Ya'll put on a great show! I just posted my second Pachanga blog, featuring Hacienda. Well, Hacienda and Roberto Pulido. You have to share the bill on this one, bub.