Friday, July 9, 2010

Black Joe Lewis almost killed me!

So alright, alright, maybe he didn't almost kill me, but it was on this tour that I nearly died. It wasnt from serious injury, disease, or an accident. No! It was the food I've been eating for 3 weeks.

You see on the road, it seems nearly impossible to eat right. I'm trying, and if anyone has any suggestions, I'm all ears. I refuse to do any of the artery clogging trinity that is McDonalds, Wendy's and Burger King. Instead, I have only been eating chick-fil-a and chipotle for a month. Its not exactly healthy, but I figured it to be the easiest alternative. Wouldn't you know, the day I get home, I get some real sleep for the first time. The next day I hit the grocery store and make a legit meal, and sure enough my insides are ripped to shreds. It seems that your body gets trained to eat shit for so long, that it reacts negativly to things like broccoli, celery, carrots, lean meats , and fancy cheeses. I'm working on a recovery program that consists of soups and salads. The situation is critical. I will keep you updated.

On a side note, if your ever in Indiana, you might want to expirience the KFC buffet. Thats right KFC has a muthafuckin buffet! The only thing that can quench the thirst that come from the KFC buffet is the KFC megajug. Its about 80 ounces of the soda of your choosing. Its about the size of a mop bucket and has a friggin handle. Abe and video director frank Weysos could not resist and expirienced it in all its glory. They're still sluggish. I was at the chick-fil-a accross the street, I swear!

So back to the tour. Black Joe Lewis is from Austin and so are his honeybears. We've known these guys for a couple of years, and they are a great group of people. They like to have fun on and off stage and thats important for me. The horn section is shit hot, and I think Hacienda is gonna have to steal them at some point. they were really amazing. Their guitarist Zach Ernst is a music junkie who is always giving me great records. He knows guitarists, and is a great dude to talk shop with. He only uses the tiniest amps, a fender pro junior, and an eastwood
airline stratone copy. great sound. I feel a little guilty sometimes cause my stage volume is loud as shit, and they keep theirs pretty even. Great dudes, great tour.

I had a birthday on this one, and normally that doesnt matter, but it was on my birthday that I found out A. we have a twitter page, and B. someone reads it. As we walked onstage in Chicago, someone shouted happy birthday before the first tune. I was speechless. I thought"How do they know?" "Is my dad in the audience?" rene informed me he tweeted it. I thought that was a nice gesture, and thanks for the birthday wishes.

I dont have a ton of pics from this tour, but Frank Weysos is putting together tour footage from Indianapolis, Chicago, and Columbus. I'll post it hear when its all wrapped up.


  1. "Fancy Cheeses." That belongs on a t-shirt.

  2. Hey uh, I'm the guy that yelled happy birthday at Lincoln Hall. A friend of mine saw the tweet about your birthday and told me, so yeah, hope it was a great birthday. I had a fucking blast at the show. Came by myself and had to find a ticket outside, but it was well worth it. That Wooly Bully cover was a lot of fun. I grabbed one of those red South Texas Soul shirts from Rene afterwards. Hope Chicago treated ya well. Catch you next time man. Looks like Sept 12th @ Beat Kitchen? Right on.

  3. thats right. returning to chicago in september. i really enjoyed that lincoln hall show. great venue.

  4. Cool man. Also wanted to say that I was NOT with those dudes who were yelling "fuckin' Hacienda!!!" repeatedly. Haha. They might even be bigger Hacienda fans than I am. =)

    Lincoln Hall is great, it's like a mini version of the Metro. Fantastic sound too. I was on the floor, can't speak for the sound in the balcony. Been there a few times, always on the floor.

    Anyhow, thanks for the great tunes and good times. Really diggin' the blog. Keep it up man. Peace.