Friday, July 9, 2010

Cheap guitars are expensive

So when I first started playing guitar, I had a cheap yamaha acoustic that my parents bought me. I still have it it. It sits in what used to be my room, in my parents house in laredo. Its missing a tuning peg, so in order to tune it I have to use needle nose pliers. The point is, when you are learning to play, it doesnt really matter. If you want to be good, dont quit and you'll get there. I didnt even ask for a guitar. My parents just thought I could use a hobby. thank god they did. I guess this will have to be my fathers day/ mothers day post.

Anyway, I was working at the mall as a kid and I saved up forever to buy my first electric. I wanted to be a real guitar player, so I did the research and decided, if I spent a ton of money on a real nice guitar, then I wouldnt quit, because I spent so much dough on it. I got a Gibson sg for about $1200 bucks. I got it solely based on this picture. I think the black one is amazing looking. Mine was just o.k. I was still dogshit, but I was locked in to getting better.

Once I started doing this seriously, I tried every guitar, fenders, epis, ricks, gibsons, tiescos, a kent, even some no name stuff. Something I learned from Dan Auerbach was that guitars are about as good as you make em. You see that sg I had was good, but I sucked. I also had a les paul that I got for about 1500 bones and it sucked. You really need to work with a guitar to make it great. If it doesnt conform to what you want to do, then get rid of it, your just wasting your time.

Dan likes "cheap" guitars. You know, Harmonys, Kays, and Supros. Of course the vintage market has gotten a hold of these and now they fetch huge prices. Dan was ahead of the curve on these and has a bunch of old harmonys, that along with Dan Johnson, his guitar tech are making great pro instruments. Try and find an old body, get someone who knows what they're doing and you to will have your own one of a kind gem. This is Dan's supro and an Ibanez lawsuit.

I'm lazy so I buy stuff and if it doesnt work for me I sell it. All this being said, Some guitars that are stupid expensive, and worth every penny. I'm way into this 64 black trini lopez. I'm looking for one if anyone knows where to find one.

If you buy an expensive guitar, you must play this shit out of it. If your afraid of scratches then your not really a player. I got to use this 64 epi casino. they sell for about Elevendy billion dollars and sound awesome. We borrowed one for recording, so I ended up buying a 68 casino later that year.

Good luck finding your own signature axe.

p.s. if you are at t in the park or the oxygen festival, you will see dan Johnson playing bass for the Black Keys. Knock em dead D.J.!

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