Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Keep San Antonio Lame

So I'm from Laredo, my parents are from Laredo, my grandparents are from Mexico, Elian Gonzalez is from Cuba, but Hacienda is from San Antonio and always will be. I love Austin, I love south Texas, I love America. But, no doubt about it, Hacienda is from San Antonio.

A lot of bands will move to Austin and change their facebook status. I dont get it. We cut our teeth in Austin but that didnt change the fact that the band was created in San Antonio. Bands changing zip codes shouldnt matter. A band is only born once, and where there born is on their musical birth certificate. Remember that. Its not about where you live but where your from. All that being said, unless supermodel, Marissa Miller, starts returning my calls, I aint moving to hollywood or anything.

In Austin, they have a popular endearing campaign with the slogan of Keep Austin Weird. Its easy to get behind. Austin is weird, but thats what makes it never boring. Its a great place to live. Laredo is violent, unfortunatley and thats what people like to talk about. I only hope that I'll live to see peace south of Texas. Someone in San Antonio started a campaign to Keep San Antonio Lame. I know it was in an attemp to own what people were saying about the city, but you know what? It works.

Hacienda played a not so secret free show at The Limelight in San Antonio. People in San Antonio don't complain about why its lame. If I want something weird, I'll head North to Austin. If I want something fancy, I'll take a trip to New York or something. And if I want a safe, fun, cheap, friendly place to live, where the food tastes like it was made by God, then I'll stay in San Antonio.

We hadn't been able to play in our backyard for over a year because of scheduling bullshit, but this show was great. A treat for us. Its was great! There was line outside. The stage was dressed with colorful props and the guitar was loud as all hell. The audience was dancing and there was even a free lone star or two. Gone were the notions of, "Austin's where you gotta go for a show", or "Where do all the cool people hang?" Fuck all that! If San Antonio is lame, and these pictures can show how lame of a time we had then please "KEEP SAN ANTONIO LAME!"

Thanks to the Hawks for playing with us, and thanks to Sarah Maspero for taking these photos. Best time ever dudes.


  1. Sad I missed this show. I notice ya'll used the set pieces from the new video. Cool!

  2. I hear this.

    I'm from Tampa, Florida but have been living in the Northeast for a few years. Sometimes it seems like the only stuff coming out of Tampa are bad DJs and good metal bands. Making art/music is one thing, but it's definitely takes a lot of work and creative thinking to make it live and relate in a particular place. Especially when that place is far-flung or, uh, culturally marginalized.

    Being in and around New York is crazy--a lot of times it can feel like there's no room to breathe, and the speed at which your connected to so many different people, places, sounds etc. is almost unreal.

    I've been keeping up with your blog and enjoy it a bunch. It often satiates obsessive guitar/man-toy impulses. I hope Hacienda comes back to Providence sometime soon, y'all always sound great.