Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Cure for Boredom

So Im super friggin bored these days, cause there aint a whole bunch of work right now. In fact the doctor says I'm supposed to take a break. I'm using this break to clean up my place and I'm supposed to trade a couple of guitars, we'll see how that goes. A couple of super-top-secret-side projects in the works. Nothing serious, just for fun. I'll give you a hint, pedal steel guitar. I'm not saying anything else.

So in this downtime what can I possibly do to occupy my time. Read a book, learn a new language, get a head start on christmas shopping, work on my truck, dust under the television set? No of course not. I have become addicted to this show called "The Closer". Its on TNT and its about a lady cop from Atlanta who moves to L.A. and interrogates people. I'm not sure what caught my attention, but on the last run I bought all five seasons on dvd and just saw the season premiere on Monday. Its more or less taken over my life. I have an addictive personality so this happens to me all the time. I dont know why it happens, it just does. Something similar happened about 10 years ago with a little program on NBC called "Wings". Ever heard of it? I know that Kyra Sedgwick is like 40 something but man, I think shes super hot. 40 year olds are hot now. It happened!

Hacienda is doing a super fun free show at limelight in San Antonio on Wednesday July 21st. If your in the area, we'll make it worth your while. Thats a guarantee. After party at my apt. I'm gonna try and convince the dudes to play some stripped down tunes at a cook out before doors in the afternoon. Its a long shot.
Anyway, there are a bunch of dates for Hacienda coming up. There will be some new dates announced. I'm probably not supposed to announce this, but once again, I am super friggin bored so here goes. We'll be joining our good friend Patrick Hallahan opening for his band My Morning Jacket in New York October 19th. Hopefully we can convince him to do some double drums on our set, or at the very least some percussion nick nacks that Patrick and Jaime get all jazzed about. You heard it hear first. Dont tell anyone yet, or else I get in trouble.

Official announcementnt and tour dates coming in the next week or so. As well as a new song recorded in Detroit July 3rd, with some tour footage to follow, perhaps? I think so. I'm usually last in line to find out these things.


  1. Wow. This might be the 1st time I've ever wished I was a New Yorker. Congrats man, that's fuckin' hot shit right there.

    I bet I can guess who's on the business end of that Harmony in the pic of Patrick and Jaime... =P

  2. Those TV shows on DVD are really addictive for sure. I'm sure I've lost a few days out of my life from wtaching multiple seasons of shows. I usually try to save that when it's either way too hot or way too cold out to do much else!

    MMJ is a pretty sweet band. I haven't caught them live yet, but I've seen Jim James live on an occasion or two here in Omaha.

    looking forward to the upcoming news and events! Great blog by the way. Reading about real gear experiences is always good

  3. Where was that first photo taken? I see snow so I know it was not from around these parts (Central Texas).

  4. I thinks its a demo session in ohio this last winter.