Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Trade Deadline

So I grew up in the 80's and I have been a giant major league baseball fan up until the end of the 2007 season. I actually fell out of favor with the league in 2005 but was awaiting retirement for one of my favorite players to leave the game for good. Steriods, spoiled athletes, corprate greed, rotten ownership and management, ridicolous prices for games and concessions...I'm losing you, better get back on topic here. O.K., what I was getting at was, when I was a fan I thoroughly enjoyed the trade deadline. July 31st, every year, teams in the hunt would trade for players that were essentially all stars on teams in last place.

If you read the hoarders post from last time, then you will remember that I am not into collecting guitars. I'm into playing them, and only playing the ones that matter. So I'm noticing some guitars sitting on the bench too long, and I do need a proper back up, so I'm doing just that.

TRADE UPDATE: A couple of telecasters are up for grabs as well as a les paul with 3 humbuckers that is too much for me to handle. I'm also gonna get a small amp to add to the mix, in case some clubs complain about my volume.

To all who read this and play. Dont let guitars die in the closet or under the bed in a case. Play a few that really matter and trade what your not using for something you will. That loyal guitar, you know, your old buddy will thank you for it.

On that note, just as a point of reference:

Best mlb trade ever - Aging middle releiver Larry Anderson from Houston to Boston in exchange for top prospect Jeff Bagwell. Bagwell happpens to be my favorite player of all time and the reason I always wanted a beard.

Best guitar trade ever - rare cherry red 60's fender 1000 pedal steel that I suck at playing - That black Gibson les paul that I play every friggin day.

I really do suck at playing pedal steel. As far as I'm concerned you have to be a god damn witch to play that thing.


  1. What kind of Telecasters you lookin' to unload? You puttin' anything on ebay or just local sales?

    PS- thanks for the help/advice with my small amp shopping. Scored a '72 Musicmaster that's downright incredible!

  2. Right on, man! Jeff Bagwell is my all-time favorite baseball player, too! Between him, Craig Biggio and Ken Caminitti (sp) made The Astros my favorite team. The Padres weren't so bad either!

    I really haven't paid much attention to MLB baseball since the '01 world series.

  3. I'm selling an esquire and I just sold another tele. was thinking of putting it on ebay.