Thursday, November 18, 2010

Viral Blues

So I wasn't able to post anything these few weeks cause wouldn't you know it, my computer has contracted a bad virus. Without this computer I have realized that I can barely function in life. Its kind of embarassing. All my stuff is on there. Fingers crossed I don't lose any files. So in the meantime if you get weird emails from me selling viagra, or vouching for the son of an African Prime Minister who wants you to hold on to his money for him, or how I can get you discounts on your meds, IT AINT ME! Anyway, enough of the nerdy shit.

I switched to my phone to utilize its resources. No go on that either. So anyway sorry its taken a bit to update.

Since I don't have much to show off, I visited the wonderful world that is Youtube to let you know about an awesome band that opened for Hacienda at the begining of the month. I've talked about them a bunch in interviews and stuff. They are called the Jungle Rockers and they have the worlds best guitarist. I'm a complete guitar junkie and this guy can smoke everyone. Its pretty amazing.

Check out this clip of them here. The sounds at the 1:55 marker are amazing. What am I saying, its all bad ass.

When Hacienda started playing in Austin, we had a gig with the Ugly Beats and these guys. Joe from the Beats told me "You know, you and this guy from jungle rockers are kind of the dudes fighting for guitar spotlight right now in Austin". I thought, cool I'll check it out. Within about thirty seconds, I knew I was outmatched, outclassed, and no where near this guys league. His names Mike Molnar and hes a tele wizard. watch this clip at 1:26.

I moved over to this black les paul months later and when I saw Mike again he said, very cool guitar, just like Mickey Baker. I though "Shit, this is the only guy who caught that. Mickey Baker was the reason I bought it." Everybody thought I wanted to be slash or jimmy page or something. But it was Mickey Baker all along, and Mike caught it. This guys sharp, so do yourself a favor and catch them. Heres a clip of Mickey Baker's guitar sound. The most beautiful sound in the world. The solo is at 1:40 couldnt be better.

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