Tuesday, November 30, 2010

On the Road Again

So finally I'm catching up on this site. Its been a busy time of year. Its probably busy for all of you as well. Packed some bags and headed out west with the Hacienda dudes for this tour with the Greenhornes. I mentioned before in a post from Nashville that I love love love the friggin greenhornes. Now that were in the thick of it, I can confirm that they are the most rock n' roll band I know, PERIOD!

Before meeting those dudes, I road in a van for about 12 hours due west. A lot of people don't realize how great a drive it is out west. IN December its probably the only place in the country thats wortha shit to travel to. Great weather and scenery.

SO heres how it goes. If you wanna know what is like to start a tour, here are the steps.

1. First you pack your bags. Its not like going on a holiday. Your are going to live out of this bag for the next month, and you don't have enough space to pack more than one bag. What do you do? ANSWER: You pack about a weeks worth of clothes and on week 4 your gonna smell fierce and people are gonna have to accept it.

HINT: run to Target or walmart and get a bag of clean socks at least once in a tour. New socks are a life changing event, ALWAYS!

2. SO your packed up, now its time to ride. Earplugs are a must. Headphones will save your life. A portable dvd player is my only friend. I've been watching some concert movies and hittin the redbox where we stop.

3. When you get cabin fever, my recommendations are to: SUCK IT UP, this is the life you have chosen. Accept that your ipod is king, accept that truckstops are your refuge, and accept that you are confined to a bench seat in the back of a van.

You know why? Cause when you get to where your going, you get to play the guitar for people that want to listen and thats just about the coolest shit ever.

Finally I arrive at the first stop. Turns out its a hard rock cafe in Phoenix. You know its like chuk e. chesse for adults. Well, fuck it, I'm playing it anyway. Theres always tomorrow, right?


  1. Is that the Hard Rock Cafe on Camelback Rd? I haven't been to Phoenix in a while, but I've been to that Hard Rock a few times...definitely the same thing in any other major city. I've also been to the Hollywood Cafe that was down the street from the Hard Rock...again not too impressed!

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  3. apparently adam from big soy is a horrible grouch without clean socks.

  4. hey dante, how about a post of your top tens of your favorite music, movies and books in 2010, that would be great

    great blog, great words, keep it upp