Wednesday, December 8, 2010

California Greening

So these Greenhornes are blowing my mind every night.

Patrick Keeler is a monster on the drums. Its like seeing one of the greats at the Marquee club in England. The difference is he's not stealin from anyone. He's just an American drummer that was born to kick your ass.

Jack Lawrence is quiet, unassuming, observant, when you least expect it, he funks you up. Tight as shit, and locked in with Kellers's kick. He's why you can't help but slap your lap and grin ear to ear.

Craig Fox is cooler than you are. Thats why he's the singer. He's cooler than me, you and everyone you've ever heard of. His voice is what Jagger was going for.

THey travel with this dude Mark who plays guitar and keys. Great dude witht the best Dwight Yoakam story ever. I'll tell it to you some time.

See the greenhornes as fast as you can. If you don't like it. I'll give you your money back, kick your ass, and then take it back from you. You really should've liked the show. Thats my garuntee.

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  1. Hell yeah, I'm seeing the Greenhornes on New Years Day with the Black Keys in Chicago! I don't know which band to be more stoked to see? Since, I've already seen TBK just a few months ago (in what will be the polar opposite of weather conditions) The Greenhornes have a slight edge. Regardless, it will be a killer show in a killer city! Now I have to go and get some of the Greenhornes' albums, STAT!

    BTW Patrick Keeler is totally a monster! That dude rips! Jack Lawrence is great too, I second your comment about him being tight and him and Patrick together form a great rhythm section. No wonder Jack White got them in the Racontuers!