Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Best Albums of 2010

So Vladimir commented a few weeks ago about posting some best of stuff for the year. I thought it was a great idea, and here it goes. Specifically, he asked about albums, books and movies. I'll start with records, cause thats what I spend most of my time doing. You know, listening to records.

Every year theres a ton of these lists. I read them and I'm usually bummed about the results. Mainly because they are all too eclectic for me. I play rock n roll, I breathe rock n roll, so what I really like to listen to is.... you guessed it rock n roll. These lists usually have jazz, rap, rock n roll, soundtrack shit, I dont know. I think if one person truly listened and enjoyed every genre, how do they keep their head from exploding when their ipod begins to shuffle. I throw my ipod in an r&b thing, a country thing, or a rockabily thing, and guess what, you put that together and you get rock n roll, easy as pie.

So heres what got me buzzing this year. In no particular order.

Pete Molinari- "Train Bound for Glory"
I've mentioned this guy a bunch here, but he is amazing. His voice is classic and still interesting to listen to. Its got a freshness, that goes beyond being a throwback. Throwbacks are novelty, and Pete is deffinatley the real deal. His voice is soulful without being exaggerated. Its legit, pure and simple. The guitar on this album is excellent. Adam Landry, the producer, kills it all over this record.

Strange Boys - "Be Brave"

These are Austin dudes that are hitting their stride. They got a bunch of attention for their first record, and I might be in the minority, but I think this album is more mature and has better songs. I love the title track as well as "laugh at sex, not her".

Niel Young - "Everybody knows This is Nowhere"
Its a reissue, but its well done. If your getting into Niel Young. "Harvest" is what people will tell you, but I recommend this one. Four words..."Down by the River"

Black Keys-"Brothers"
These guys are massive now, and no one deserves that more than the Black Keys, let me tell you. I'm not sure if this is my favorite album of theirs ever, however, without a doubt, it is the absolute greatest sounding record of theirs. It jumps out of the speakers and never lets you go. The drums and bass sounds will be copied for the next twenty years. The drums at the begining of "Howlin for you", are you kidding me? Its ridiculous how good that sounds. "Tighten up" is a hit because, well, its a great tune. Thats why!

The Greenhornes - "****" I might be biased because this is my favorite band, but tough shit. Its a great record by a great band. "Song 13" is my favorite, and Jack Lawrence sings "Go tell Henry" and its amazing!


  1. greenhornes, pete molinari and keys got it in the pocket, thanks for the other two, well i had to ad road songs by derek trucks and etta baker one dime blues (rediscover) i think you would like kevin barker the albums title is you and me, its from 09

  2. I dig the list.

    I picked up the Greenhornes album on the new years day show, and listened to it when I got home the other day, good stuff for sure. I need to listen to it a few more times to let it all soak in. Great live band, Patrick Keeler is an animal!