Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Best Moments 2010

So its been a long, trying, difficult, and somehow glorious year. I am very lucky and fortunate and I have no complaints. A lot has happened and changed for me this year, so I will share the best and forget the worst. Once again in no order

1. A lot of fun this year. The first and best was a week in New York. I blogged about it earlier. A couple shows, I got to hang and play with Patrick Hallahan from the Jacket, and my homie Vishal, and it was on that trip that I regained some lost pride. I was strung out for a while and got to hang with some important friends that made my year. Thanks to all those friends for being there. It means the world for sure.

2. Laredo is on the musical map some how. My bro Fernando wanted to bring bands down there, and he hit me up about sending some friends of mine his way. Wouldnt you know it, its been a shot in the arm for music starved fans in my hometown. I love Laredo, and always will. Its in my bones.Heres a shot from a show for Those Darlins. The best chicks ever. Thats little Jesse on my shoulders, rocking my balls off.

3. My main man Vishal and I went on a trip to the Carribean where we went looking for trouble and found some. I can't say what went on down there, but heres a flip off a rope swing on a boat. Thats about the only thing we did that was legal.

4. Other than that, its all about hang time. All of you should let the people you love know that the best moments of your year are with them. It sounds mushy, but as much traveling as I do, its time with people I care about that matters most. These are my parents and my brother and his wife and kids. No, I am not adopted. Happy new year and I'll see you on the other side of it.

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  1. Happy New Year, Dante! Here's to good health, continued adventures and moments that make great memories in 2011!