Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Thanks West Coast

So when its snowing all over the country what do you do. Head west, and stay there if you can. I'll be damned if I didn't have the best tour ever playing with the Hacienda dudes and then standing in the audience every night to watch the Greenhornes. They're beasts and its right up my alley. And now that I just got my copmputer back, I'm gonna keep updating a bunch of stuff coming up. Theres some big news that'll come up in January, but now I'll give you all the news thats fit to print.
Traveling throught the L.A. we passed by Alive Records. They are Hacienda's label, and they're some of the coolest people ever. Started by Patrick Boisell and Suzy Shaw who also run the Bomp catalog, Alive has been one of Hacienda's biggest supporters. Suzy made us some cookies and her and Patrick are always quick with a cool story about Iggy and the stooges or Brian Jonestown Massacre, as well as playig us some new music. Its an experience man. Jack, our tour manager and Zach Ernst from Black Joe Lewis were on the tour with us and perused the isles. Great hang. Got to hang with some Laredo dudes in L.A. as well as my cousin Danny. Wheww! This tour was just getting started.
Stopped in san Francisco and had a shit ton of fun. Before we started touring I was a standard American Asshole and thought things like soccer, smoothies, axe body spray, muffins and San Francisco were lame. WHile I can't vouch for that other stuff yet, I can deffinatley take San Francisco off that list. I friggin love that place. I've been maybe six or seven times and its mega! I try to walk around as much as I can cause its not like other American cities. Took a bunch of photos like this center for the arts that you may recognize from the movie the Rock, where Sean Connery meets his daughter for the first time. Dig that! A foggy golden gate bridge peir where they were shooting a movie with this dude that looked like Terrance Howard, and a ridiculously hot chick. Thats a lot to encounter on your own during a walk around the block. I even ate some fruit called parcinimans. I'm pretty sure thats nowhere near the correct spelling. they're like the indy hipster of the mango family. So all of a sudden I'm drinking coffee and eating plates of food garnished with exotic fruit. What's happening to me! Similar thing happened with me and France last year. Either I'm going soft, or I'm getting cultured. Not sure yet. Lets hope its temporary.
Heres the Greenhornes at KEXP in Seattle and us hanging outside the media club in Vancouver o the last night. Tried to find a pick where Craig looks like he gives a shit. No luck. Craigs the man. Here to hoping he's into selling me that les paul someday.

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