Friday, October 29, 2010

Chicks Man! (Gear Post in Disguise)

so anyone whose spent about an hour around me knows I'm gonna talk your ear off about nothing and everything at the same time. What can I say, I got the gift of gab. There are two main things that people ask me after a gig. The first is "Dude, what pedals do use?" and the second is, "SO whats the chick situation on the road like?". I'll start with the fist question. When it comes to gear, I'm changing all the time. The guitar player's lament, is that it can always be better. My setup has been pretty similar for the entire year. Thats been rare. When I started playing I bought every pedal and traveled with a 4 foot pedal board that had delays, flangers, tremolos, you name it. I also mainly did a les paul standard. Eventually I got into the tele scene got a smaller amp and turned into a country picker. Now, I dont know what the hell I'm doing. I think I'm just rolling with it. Gone are the superfluous stomp boxes and rack of four teles that make the exact same sound, and in are just a couple of old faithfuls. This big red Gibson 355 is blowing my mind every night and is a joy to play, and the Black Les paul custom just always looks cool. I can really just travel with those two guitars and be happy. I've got about 5 pedals or so, and really the only ones that matter are a reel echo and the gospel bomb by this dude Hudson electronics. Thats the rangemaster clone I was telling y'all about. A couple of fuzzes are mixed in to get really nasty at the end of a set, but I dont use fuzz as much as people think. When I'm asked about the fuzz tone I was getting on stage, I dont have the heart to tell people that my amp is just really really really really loud and I use that treble booster. So there you have it, get a great guitar, play your amp loud, get a treble booster and an echo and thats what I sound like.

And with regards to that second question, I'd like to say "None of your fucking business!" nah, that sounds mean. Look, chicks are great, I love em. But come on, why does anybody care? If you must know, I went on an actual date the other day that was quite lovely. I've never been on an actual date with a chick I met in a town randomly like that. Nice meal, walk in the park, and a hope to see you soon. So there you have it, it aint really like rock of love, and I'm certainly no God damn Bret Michaels. Hope that doesnt let you down anonymous sleazy dude.

These pics are from Sarah Maspero at the Canal Room in NYC. thanks Sarah


  1. For sure, the booster is a great secret/not-so-secret weapon! Plus, those things only give you magic if your shit is LOUD! I have mine cranked going into a cranked amp and it's a gem! Now all I gotta do is get back into a band situation!

    Excellent strap choice on your 355 btw, I've had one just like it on a few different guitars through out the years! Oh and thanks for fueling the fire of want for a Les Paul with your last few blogs! haha

  2. Hey thanks for the shout out at the Newport Tuesday. That was great! Wasn't expecting that! I tried to track you down in between sets and after the show, but Abe said you headed down to Skully's. Great show though, my uncle drove 2 hours from Canton to see Grace Potter and he, my older brother and myself met her and the Nocturnals on High Street right before the show. They were really cool. Grace was really nice and is easy on the eyes! But hey, thanks again. Come back soon

    Cool gear post too. Dig the tremolo arm. Dan Auerbach style.