Sunday, October 17, 2010

Keepin it Beard

so we spent last night in Little Rock, Arkansas. Its very important that I provide this disclaimer - "Not everyone in Little Rock Arkansas is a meth-head". There I said it. Now that being said. The people in rooms 210 and 208 last night were. We happened to be in room 209. On my way to New York with the Hacienda dudes and we stop for the night at whatever anonymous hotel William Shatner and his priceline Big deal buddy have hooked us up with. Shatner, my friend, I love you, but you fucked me last night.

The hotel was connected to a strip club. At first, you think, "thats cool". But at 4:30 in the morning, the bass line to "Pour Some Sugar on Me" tears your soul out. We were greeted at 8 in the morning by our neighboring meth-heads hanging out in the hall blasting the band offspring from a boombox. Abe called the front desk to complain, and damn! You would've thought that we stole their stash. These dudes were tweakin. They began banging on the walls and general intimidation. When they saw a couple of bearded assholes and Frank Weysos (Filmographer) walk out, they began to play it a lot cooler. They just stood at the tailgate of they're pickup waiving a butterfly knife. At this point of the story, I wish I was embellishing, but they actually sat there waiving a friggin BUTTERFLY KNIFE. We jumped in the van and got the shit out of Little Rock.

The beards a tough look. I was gonna shave the other day, but I think it makes anybody look harder than they really are. (Michael Jackson excluded) The beard may have saved our lives. Had we walked out looking looking pretty, we wouldv'e been in some serious trouble. Truth is, I really just wanted to look like Steve Cropper. Heres a clip of Cropper with Booker T and the Mgs that changed my life. Cropper and a rosewood telecaster, "are you kidding". Nobody would mess with that dude. Thats why I got one of those guitars. Sometimes, someone will tell me, "Dude, you kind of look like a young Steve Copper". I play it cool, and say "Wow, really, sure dude". But inside, I was going for it all along.

So were almost in New York. Me and Frank kicked it off classy with a chug, and we'll see you Yankees this week.

Dont do Drugs, kids!


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  2. Dante you are freaking hilarious. And don't shave your beard. We know you're a super nice guy but in pics, when you don't smile, you look tough. It works. Hope to see you guys again soon - and we're excited about the poster!

  3. Best- blog post- ever!

    Now no matter what happens, you can always say - "at least we don't live in Little Rock". Unless of course you guys up and move to Little Rock. Then you couldn't say that. Well you could but you'd be lying.

  4. hell yeah!!! Steve Cropper!!!

    I totally understand not shaving the beard. If I shave mine I instantly look 10-12 years younger. My wife digs the beard to...the bigger it is the happier she is. I'm sure it made for small talk at our wedding! So my answer is always "GO BEARD!"

    Butterfly knife?!? seriously?!? that's so 80's!!!