Wednesday, October 13, 2010

AC HELL Festival

So its been one of strangest weekends I've ever had. You see, hacienda had a two week vacation, and I visited ACL Festival. Normally I can still function after a rough weekend. But this one left me bruised and battered. I've been peicing stuff together and here's what I've come up with.

So we played Antone's with Black Joe Lewis in Austin. It was supposed to be an ACL preshow. Kind of odd, seeing as how niether band was actually playing the festival. The show was fun just like any other, except, wouldnt you know Dan Auerbach was in attentance that night. I was righting out the setlist and as he peeked over, I said "And I guess we'll close with Hidden Charms (a song by Link Wray that we always closed the show with on our tour together)." Without skipping a beat Dan replied, "I'm in! What key is it?" So we power throught the set and call Dan up for the last song. I handed him a les paul and cable and plugged into the other channel of my ac30. Dan says on the mike, "I've never shared an amp with another man before". Off we went. Great performance of the tune, and sure enough by the end we had successfully blown this amp up. I dont recommend two loud as shit guitar players sharing an amp. Its dangerous.

Next was the festival, saw SOL faves Those Darlins as well as a ripper Black Keys set. Saw a little bit of Soft Pack. It was hot, it was crowded, and I was tired so, I bounced and crawled into a bar on fourth instead.

Saturday followed my Darlin friends to their show in Laredo where, I hate to say it but everyone over serves alcohol to the bands. The shots dont stop coming to the stage until the music stops. These girls were ripped up. Fun show, but damn if these girls could barely stand by the end of the set.

Anyway, by the end of the weekend I was burned out, I had a couple of close phisical encounters with assholes and was ready to be home. In fact theres one dude that I hope he reads this, cause if I see him again, I promise all of you and him that I will kick his ass. No shit, thats a promise. Not the best weekend, but I plan to make up for it in New York next week.

So to recap.

- The singer of Soft Pack is a good dude. I really like the song Extinction.
- Dan Auerbach and me sharing an amp will destroy it every time.
- If your in a band make sure you have a good meal before you play Laredo. They will try to get you drunk.

So in the best news ever department. Hacienda is going to tour the West coast with The Greenhornes from Cincinnati. I couldnt be more excited about this tour as this is the best friggin band playing right now, period.

Here are the dates

12/5/10 The Casbah – San Diego, CA

12/6/10 The Troubador – Los Angeles, CA

12/8/10 The Independant – San Francisco, CA

12/10/10 Berbati’s Pan – Portland OR

12/11/10 Crocodile Cafe – Seattle, WA

12/12/10 Media Club – Vancouver, BC

get tickets quick cause they'll sell out.


  1. dude better check himself before he riggety wrecks himself...
    Greenhornes bebe!

  2. 1. Can't believe I missed that Antone's show. It sold out so fast!

    2.Dale said Those Darlins put on an amazing ACL aftershow. Sorry I missed that as well. DAMN! Stupid back pain and what not!

    3. I want to know more about what this ass-hat did to piss you off.

    4. Great news about touring with the Greenhornes! Wish that tour was rolling through Texas.

  3. man, why does shit like this always happen in austin? you and dan must have killed it. hope you guys can make it out to the cleveland area again soon.

  4. Columbus is as close as we'll get to Cleveland for the rest of this year. But we'll be in Cleveland soon enough.

  5. all right! i would've gone to columbus, but i have school the next day and you know how parents can be...

  6. Dante i am so happy for the success you guys are having. You so deserve it. Please hit me up, i don't have your number anymore but get me at my space / jeffmixmusic. I had also sent a message through the Hacienda site but I am not sure if you get that. I have a slot at the Viper Room in LA on 11-8 and thought if you had time.... I need some filler! 510-9625