Monday, September 27, 2010

The "My Blog is your Blog" Contest

So this blog is about to hit the 6 month period right around the time of Hacienda's show at Stubbs in Austin. When I saw Mishka Wetsell's poster design for the show, I thought it would be great for a contest. I started thinking of how to do a blog contest of some sort and got bored, so I figured out something more interesting. You see, touring is hard work. I know it seems like we're just goofing around, cause we are. But its physically demanding and you miss your friends and the main thing that gets you through the tour is when you see people becoming fans. Its something that never gets old. I was the guy at the show with a sharpie and a camera and bunch of questions. Pete Anderson was my favorite gutar player. Heres me hanging with him at a gig in Austin, where I talked his ear off about telecasters and steve cropper licks. check him out here in this clip where hes shredding for Dwight Yoakam.

Since we've started traveling, people have responded to the bands I've played with, and I have found myself meeting people that wanna talk to me. Its mind blowing! I'm just a dude. So I figured it out. Instead of some contest, I o.k.ed it with the Hacienda dudes and we are going to be giving away signed copies of the new poster to those who have been so supportive along the way.

And the winners are.......

Sarah - from Austin has attended 9 shows that I can remember and she gave me the idea for this blog.

Vicente and Jose - These dudes have a band called Bam Bam and the gigalos in Madison Wisconsin and have been to 4 shows in Madison, Chicago, and Milwaukee, no matter how cold it was outside.

Eric - from Birmingham has been to 3 shows with his wife Stephanie. great to talk gear with.

Sergio and Adrian - from Laredo. play in a band called automatic weekend, and always spread the word and hook us up at home. they even opened for us down in Laredo. It was great!

Will - from San Fransisco. Always represents with his Hacienda gear and is our biggest west coast supporter.

Mirby - Jason is his name, and hes been to a bunch of shows. Hes the worlds biggest Black Keys fan and has Hacienda's back as well. He even shouted out happy birthday at our show in chicago last June. Nice touch.

The Indianapolis crew - This group keeps getting bigger and bigger. These dudes are in a band called back action, and you can see them in Frank Weysos tour video.

Vishal - this one might seem unfair seeing as how this is my best friend. But this dude has been to over 50 shows and he never lets me guest list him. He's also traveled the most miles of any fan. He lives in the valley in south Texas, but has been to shows in Chicago, New York, Las Vegas, and everywhere in Texas. So he's legit. Check him out watching the show from the stage at lollapolooza he's the one with the blue v-neck and bono sunglasses in the begining from side stage.

Mystery Chicago girl - Theres a girl from Venezuela I think. Shes a student in Chicago and has been to multiple shows including an acoustic performance at the old town school of folk music. Shes been very supportive. I can't remeber your name, but if your reading this and you think I'm talking about you contact us and we'll figure it out.

So here are the rules:
If you are any of these people contact us at Put "blog contest" as the subject. Then I will ask you a question that I think only you can answer to authenticate your identity. Once thats figured out, we'll send you your signed poster. Easy as pie. We can only send one poster per winner. i.e. only one poster will go to the indy group and the same for The madison and laredo crew. You guys can put them up in your jam space maybe.

Theres no deadline for this contest. I'll save one until you contact us. I have a feeling you already keep up with us and will find out that you've won.

You see, a true fan isn't someone that wants to get high with you, or buy you booze. Its someone that enjoys the music and the band, period! These people are great examples of those that support music.

thanks for all your help everyone and we'll see you on the road.

Dante and the Hacienda dudes


  1. Wow! How cool is this?! Hacienda is the nicest group of dudes to ever melt my face off. Wait...does that term only apply to heavy metal? "nice group of dudes?" Ha! I mean "melt my face off?" Well, you know what I mean.

    Dante, you were sweet like a peach from the very start. I remember meeting you for the first time at SXSW 2009. I was disappointed that I had barely missed ya'lls set and you told me about the Bill's place show. I had heard about it but was not sure it was a real deal. What a show that was!

    See you at Stubb's!

  2. That's an awesome gesture and cool prize! Congrats to the winners!

  3. Man I was so stoked that I was named as a winner that I forgot to write on here to say thank you! So, thank you! Haha. You guys are the greatest - please keep cranking out the tasty jams.

  4. wow, you guys are awesome! by the way, are you coming to the cleveland area any time soon?

  5. Great blog Dante. Saw you guys at the 2009 Bimbo's show in San Francisco - my mind was blown. Thought you'd like to know Hacienda is getting airplay over here in N. Cali:
    Thanks for all the music! Hope you guys make it back this way soon. -- Lady Kay

  6. yeah buddyyyyyyyy!
    to pieces, homie.

  7. Got the poster! Thank you guys so much!!! Gonna frame it and hang it with pride!