Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Nashville Cats: Part 2

So if chicks dig guitar players, then what do guitar players dig? Well I dig chicks who play guitar, go figure. One of my favorite players and all around people is Kelley Darlin and the rest of her band in Those Darlins. they have a new 7" out and new record coming out next year. We're good friends so when in Nashville, you may as well go guitar shopping. Thats exactly what we did. She plays guitar and bass and that band has cool gear. Kelley and Jesse both play Epiphone casinos, but Kelley was looking to mix in something new, so off we went. Believe it or not the guitar center in Nashville isn't terrible. They actually have some cool shit.

We started the test with a Gibson es 339. It was cool. Its a slightly smaller body than a 335 and has a good sound. Plugged into a loud as shit Marshall it was kind of lifeless. If you remember before I told you she was mixing in a telecaster I had, so we tried a semi hollow tele. It was better than the 339 for what she plays, and we thought it might have been the one until, I convinced her to try a les paul. Now I became a Gibson convert in the last 2 years, and the les paul is a very versatile guitar. More versatile than most people might guess.

Well, she picked up a light one, plugged it in, and wouldn't you know, that thing just started to sing in her hands. It was ALIVE! It threw us both for a loop, and with a price tag of about 4 grand, it was going to take some serious rethinking on how to get this guitar in her hands. Go see Those Darlins on the road right now with my favorite band The Strange Boys right now, and keep an eye out for Kelley to mix a Les Paul soon. Fingers crossed.

p.s. Kelley grows Pumpkins, and squash and all kinds of vegetables in her back yard. Its about the coolest thing ever. She made me cookies on a Saturday night and showed me all around town. Thanks Kelley Darlin. Alright now seroiusly, I got to do some work while I'm here in Nashville. Standby........

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  1. I think Those Darlings are coming to Omaha in the upcoming weeks or month(s). I will have to make a night of it!

    That LP in the pic is pretty cool. I used to have a mid-90's Gibson LP studio that was pretty good especially when I put in some upgraded alnico pickups. I imagine it's not in the league of a historic reissue though. I can't think of things getting too much better than my Gretsch Spectra Sonic, that thing sits comfortbaly in the realm of Fender Gretsch Gibson with a dash of Ric and a pinch of Danelectro.

    Enjoy Nashville! I have to get down there someday.