Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Nashville Cats: Part 1

So theres this tune by the Lovin Spoonful called Nashville Cats. Its a fun tune and a favorite of mine. Its about how everyone in Nashville is a bad ass guitar player and its in a country twang style. Very cool, and almost dead on.

Hacienda had one whole week off, and because I have a hard time sleeping in my apt cause its boring, I got on a plane headed to music city U.S.A. I planned a couple of things along the way but really was just winging it. It might've been the most fun trip I've had all year. I'm still piecing together exactly what happened.

Nashville is an interesting place. I've been a bunch of times, but never really settled in there. Theres so much industry that it can have a hint of an L.A. vibe. Trying to figure out whose full of shit can be difficult. Some people that are not full of shit are the dudes in the Greenhornes (nice segue huh!). The Greenhornes are from Cincinnati and are amazing musicians with great soul and vibe. You have to experience them live. Unfortunately they haven't been playing much since jack white recruited members of that band for his various projects, dead weather, racuntours etc... so imagine the excitement around the band now that they are back together playing shows.

The show was ridiculously sold out at the basement, a tiny club in east Nashville. Thankfully my friend Kelley new the doorman and got us in. Their gear is great, their songs, are great, people dance, what more could you ask for. Check out my favorite song called "End of the Night". Go see this band and dance your friggin balls off, everyone!

Guitarist Carl Broemel, of My Morning Jacket, opened the show and played a great set of mellow atmospheric music that was very cool. When in Nashville go to the basement underneath Grimey's record shop and see a show. Its a great hang.

We got pretty bombed and figured how to get home. Day one in Nashville and it already exceeded my expectations, now it was time to get some work done...

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  1. Damn I LOVE me some Greenhornes. Got Dual Mono on vinyl even. Too bad they aren't coming near Chicago. Glad to hear they got back together. I'm not a fan of Jack White's projects. I sure would love to see the Greenhornes, hope they come check out the windy city sometime.