Friday, September 10, 2010

Nashville Cats: Part 3 (Finale)

So whadyaknow, it can't all be partying with friends when in Nashville. You may as well get some work done. Lucky for me I've got some great friends who like to work. Seth Kauffman was in town and it was a perfect opportunity to try and play some music. Bryan Cates plays bass in Floating Action with Seth. He also has his own music and is on tour with Band of Horses. You should give it a listen. These guys are kind of the shit! We hung out at Bryan's house. (thanks to Bryan and his roomates Logan and Keegan for letting us make noise.)

Seth has a four track with him at all times I think. We demoed some tunes, ate good food, and now I got some new ideas for the next Hacienda record. Now I just need this current tour to go buy lightning fast.
Seth plays on a bad ass firebird, wears green shoes, and carries a fulltone tape echo on his person. I had my Epiphone Frontier, some motorcycle boots and a bag of peanuts. So that should tell what the music sounds like. Bought his record at Grimey's and you should too.

Floating Action is a band I truly respect and Seth is sort of a genius. Check out these clips.

Shaking Through: Floating Action from Weathervane Music on Vimeo.

What a week in Nashville. thanks to everyone who helped me out there. You all know who you are.

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  1. Great video....enjoyed watching a bit of the process. The Scott appearance in vid 1 took me by surprise. (nice surprise)
    I'm off to get the album.