Sunday, September 26, 2010

Blog in a Coma

So you know that fortune cookie game "in bed", where you read fortune cookies and at the end you say in bed? I'm thinking that this band should incorporate that somehow. The band I'm talking about of course is Girl in a Coma. They are San Antonio's favorite band. Hacienda did a couple weeks with these girls and I didnt know how we'd fit. Turns out we fit like a brand new pair of socks. As soon as their tour manager Michelle opened her mouth and said the most foul-mouthed uncomfortable thing I'd ever heard (I cant even write it down much less say it) I knew we were in for quite the tour. These girls are all kinds of fun people to hang with. Very different personalites but all very creative. Thier audience didn't seem to quite know what to make of Jaime's new racially insensetive and sexist drum head. We love it though. We ate Jambalaya at Yatz' and did some thrift store shopping in Indianapolis, all night festivities in Iowa for Mexican Independace day, and hopefully made some longtime friends with these girls. Its great to have a new crew to run with at home. Phanie is tough as nails on the drums and Nina's voice is very dynamic. Jen plays bass and sings sweet backup vox. She's also a film maker. She makes movies on the road. I'm not talking tour movies. Actual scripted films that star her band mates. they are are great. I'll try and convince her to share one with me for you guys.Crazy festival in Marfa called El Cosmico with us and Girl in a Coma. A great mix of DIY ultra creative and ultra talented hippie artists in the middle of the west Texas desert. Next year mark your calender and figure out how to get to this boutique festival and camp for the weekend. It will be worth it! Trust me. The West Texas desert is amazing looking. Way better than Nevada, in my opinion. We filmed a video for Dan Auerbach's tune "Heartbroken and Disrepair" out there in Marfa, so it was great to return.

Check out GIAC doing David Bowie's song "When the World Falls Down" from the movie Labrynth.

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