Sunday, September 26, 2010

Home is Where My Beer is

So to cap off the last tour, Hacienda finished with three shows in Texas. I was tired. Check that, I was on friggin "life support"! I just hadnt been home for six weeks at this point and it was starting to show. My clothes at this point could walk on their own. My guitars were water logged in sweat, and my sanity was questionable at best. So being in Texas was very comforting, but no less chaotic. We ran down to Laredo and were greeted by a rainbow, so I hoped that was a good sign. Played a great joint with Jeff the Brotherhood from Nashville. I like to think I can keep an objective opinion when it comes to shows, and I am in no way embarrassed to say that Jeff the Brotherhood stole the show and smoked that place. Very difficult act to follow. Its straight up riff rock for the entire set and they crushed it. It was a god damn guitar showdown with the brotherhood. Different styles, I guess I'll leave it to everyone else to decide. I love the shit out of that band. they are heavy and really nice. We hit some late night mexican food with the brotherhood and set off to Marfa. Great night, I hope everyone really enjoyed it because I truly enjoy going home. We might have been a little too loud. Check out this clip and you be the judge. I wish we could have played longer but judging by how late the show was and with the time approaching last call we didn't do an encore. I hope no one was terribly disapointed about that. It was late and we made a judgment call there.

After the Marfa gig I mentioned before, we ran home to San Antonio and played the Lone Star Indie Bash at the Brewery. I had no expectations good or bad for this show. I just figured it be another gig. Thankfully, I couldnt have been more wrong. The place was packed and rowdy. Other acts included TExas Tornados and Bob Schnieder, but the best part was all around bad ass, Dale Watson. He's the real deal. Cool as ice and a true original. He plays all the time, so find him and you'll hear what I mean. Seeing Bob Schnieder was cool, because their bass player bought a custom hand-beaded guitar strap from my mom. I couldn't find a picture where her hair wasn't covering the strap, but if I do, I'll update this. You see my mom made guitar straps for me and Dan Auerbach, check out this video and you'll see them both. They always look great in the lights.

Great vibe, great beer, and an all around great time. It also marks the end of that set. Now that we have a few weeks off, we are putting together a new show for the next tour. saying goodbye to a set that we have done for about 140 shows is a good feeling when you feel like you really maximized it. So be prepared for a lot of songs we dont normally play to be mixed in soon.

Thanks to miss maspero for taking these photos in San Antonio and Edgar for the pics from Laredo. And to Jeff the Brotherhood, I look forward to dueling again. Vacation starts............NOW!


  1. Dante,
    My name is Chris from Columbus,OH. I saw you guys play with Dan Auerbach at the Newport where I work, and I thought you guys were awesome. Then I found out about Hacienda and just saw you guys at the Rumba Cafe, and it was a great show. And the show with Black Joe Lewis was amazing. Looking forward to your show at the Newport with Grace Potter! Keep up the awesome guitar playing!

  2. Hey Chris. thanks for the kind words. I'm glad you've enjoyed the shows. Make sure you stop and say hey next month. Were gonna have a new set by then. I'll make sure its loud!

  3. Your mom sounds like she is quite a lady. Nice photo of her. Great blog by the way. Keep it up. I'm definately glad to have come across it. Digging it as well as the music. Hope to see you play again in the midwest. You have made several new fans. Zion included. He proudly wears his South Texas Soul Hacienda shirt. Its too cute. I should take a pic now that I mention it. Take care amigo. Hasta Luego.

  4. Does your mom make straps for sale to the public? If she does, I'd love to be in touch and get one--beautiful work!


  5. As with John, if the straps were ever made available for sale to the public I'd be interested as well!