Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Hangover

So I'm in Cleveland right now, and I have the night off. I am so hungover, I can't even enjoy the jersey shore finale. Its a drag. Not hungover from booze, just New York hungover. I love that city, I do, but its exhausting. I had about 12 people from south texas make the trip to New York for the My Morning Jacket/Hacienda show. I am compiling all the details and I am going to explain it all soon. But sleep is a must, cause that city sure doesnt let you. Here's a preview clip.

and in the "out of left field" department, I thought I'd share a family fun fact. I did this interview the other day, and one question that is pretty frequent is: "You are related to the guys in Hacienda, is your whole family musical?" I usually answer no. Yeah, the Hacienda dudes are brothers, and I'm their cousin, but other than that, I thought that was it. Until...

You see, I forgot that on my fathers side (opposite from the Hacienda dudes) there is a celebrity musician. I forgot cause I've only met them once. They live in Mexico City, but my Father's first cousin is a Mexican pop star. This is his band. They've actually sold millions of records, and when I went down there for a wedding, there were some poparazzi style phtographers hanging arund trying to catch this dude. Weird, right. The band is called Onda Vaselina, and the dude is Oscar Schwebel. He's the one in the middle with the goatee, and I think he's married to one of the girls. Not sure though. They are a pop group with guys and girls that sing and dance. These chicks are pretty hot. Its probably similar to mickey mouse club or something. I 'm gonna see if we can arrange some sort of intro. So sorry Oscar, this is my attempt to set that straight. Check out this clip of some song that was huge when I was in high school. So strange!


  1. holy cow tay!! i used to love that song by onda vaselina. they used to be a pretty big deal.

  2. You guys were awesome at Terminal 5. Crazy show in general. Loved it!